Jun 2, 2017

Weird word combos...

This is another draft queue thing I started way back in February of 2010.

It was only two words:

Hamster Rodan

 Even today I can look at those two words and they bring a pretty clear picture to my mind - something of a nightmare creature that is a combination of a Japanese Monster Movie and a throwaway pet (yes, I said it).

I had a hamster growing up. I was really quite young when I had it. I can remember we had a basement and I left the thing in the basement and my parents (or my mom, who knows) thought the thing had died when it was likely hibernating or something.

So out to the trash it went... or maybe the backyard.

That wouldn’t have happened to Hamster Rodan I don’t think.

Hamster Rodan would have been all up in the neighborhood terrorizing and destroying gaily painted tract homes in the suburbs. Making the forest a personal nest of cedar shavings to burrow into. Leaving pellets the size of a small Volkswagon behind much to the chagrin of the neighbors.

Let’s face facts, you don’t fuck with Hamster Rodan, EVER.

All you do is stand there aghast, staring up and watching those whiskers move wildly as the mouth on the thing doesn’t stop as it looks for its next meal.

There are some words that are powerful, words that you shouldn’t put together for fear of the mighty alchemy they might bring forth.

Hamster Rodan is just such a pair!

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